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Are Investors Watching These 2 Top Logistics Stocks In August?

There are many logistics stocks that are trending in the market. Logistics stocks can refer to a variety of different companies. Logistics refers to mail companies, moving companies, transporting things, warehousing items, and more. With the shutdown of many companies during the pandemic, many top logistics stocks were affected.

At the same time many logistics stocks were not affected that badly. Some of these companies are essential services that had to stay open. Many of them managed this correctly which will be discussed later in this article. When is the right time to invest in logistics stocks? Well there is no clear answer but you should certainly keep an eye out.

There are many logistics stocks that have managed to make a comeback in stock price. Many logistics stocks are at new heights as well. It all depends on how these logistics companies have managed to survive during the pandemic. So today we are going to look at two logistics stocks that have been trending in the market. Both of these logistics stocks have come close or are at their 52 week high.

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Top Logistic Stocks To Watch In August: United Parcel Service

The first logistics stock to watch is United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS Stock Report) due to its new height in the share price. The company is a mail and supply chain company based in Georgia. UPS has grown to become one of the largest logistics companies in the United States. Most Americans have heard of UPS by now, as they deliver packages to millions a year. In 2018 the company managed to bring in $71.861 billion in revenue. In 2019 UPS ranked at number 41 on the Fortune 500 by revenue.

Before the pandemic started UPS stock price was at $106 a share on average. Then UPS stock saw a dip due to the stock market crash. But since then UPS stock price has been back up on the rise. As of July 31st UPS stock is at $140.09 a share on average. From July 29th to July 31st, UPS stock price has gone from $123 a share to $140.09 a share. This is due to the strong demand from consumers to use the mailing service.

logistic stocks to buy now (UPS stock)

In addition to this, the newly hired postmaster for the United States is attempting to delay mail in the United States. This could bring postal companies like UPS to rise even higher in the market. With lots of potential for the future, UPS stock is definitely a potential logistics stock to buy. If UPS stock price continues to rise, investors who are in at the moment will make a profit.

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Top Logistic Stocks To Watch In August: FedEx

The second logistics stock to watch is FedEx Corporation (FDX Stock Report) due to its recent uptick. FedEx Corporation is a mail delivery company just like UPS. FedEx is famed for its overnight shipping capabilities and real-time package tracking updates, which many others then adapted. In 2019 FedEx brought in $69.693 billion in revenue. FedEx has managed to fully recover in the stock market.

That’s right, FDX stock has fully recovered and gone a bit higher since the pandemic started. Pre pandemic FDX stock price was at $164 a share on average. As of July 31st FDX stock has reached $168 a share on average. So FDX stock price is actually 2.43% higher than it was back in February 2020. FDX stock is also benefitting from the postmaster announcement just like UPS. FDX stock price is up more than 2% after that news was announced.

logistic stocks to buy (FDX stock)

What Now

So clearly when it comes to mailing services, some are able to rise back up in stock price. That is why FDX stock and UPS stock are two potential logistics stocks to buy. If you stay posted on news from this sector it could be of benefit to you. Because if you are able to make a smart investment and get in early on a good logistics stock, it could rise and create a profit.

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