Electric Vehicle (EV) stocks are trending in the stock market again as we enter a new year. After all, it is that time of the year where companies are providing updates on their production count and delivery numbers for the previous calendar year. For instance, Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI) announced that the company delivered 90,491 vehicles in 2021. This is a staggering increase of 177.4% year-over-year. It is worth pointing out that the cumulative deliveries of Li ONE is only 124,088 since its market debut. So, it highlights what a breakout year 2021 was for Li Auto. 

Whether we like it or not, the automotive industry is heading electric and those reluctant to adapt will likely be left out soon. Therefore, legacy auto manufacturers such as Ford (NYSE: F) and General Motors have been quick at learning new tricks. Last month, Ford Pro™ announced the launch of Ford Pro Charging, a comprehensive solution for commercial EV charging. This is to cater to more customers that want to switch to EVs while supporting the company’s transition from all internal combustion-powered fleets. With all said and done, EV adoption would likely continue to grow and it would not be a bad idea to be a part of its growth. Hence, let’s take a look at a list of some top electric vehicle stocks in the stock market today.

Best EV Stocks To Watch in 2022


Let us start with the poster child of the EV industry, Tesla. In detail, the company specializes in electric vehicles, and energy generation and storage systems. While most would recognize the company as the pioneer of EVs, the company also operates an Energy Generation and Storage segment. The company’s Tesla Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV have been huge hits among consumers, with increasing demand even as of now. TSLA stock has risen more than 40% last year.

top electric vehicle stocks to buy now (tsla stock)

Over the weekend, Tesla announced its fourth-quarter vehicle production and delivery report. Impressively, it delivered more than 308,000 vehicles for the quarter, exceeding analysts’ expectations. Also, the deliveries for the year increased by 87% to 936,000. Out of these, 911,209 were the Model 3 and Model Y. 

Now, some of you may wonder, why is this such an impressive feat? Well, it should not go unnoticed that there has been a chip shortage and supply-chain difficulties within the automotive industry. Hence, this achievement should not be taken lightly as the company gears up for what could be yet another eventful year in 2022. With that said, would you consider jumping on the TSLA stock bandwagon?

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Following that, we have the Chinese EV giant, Nio. Put simply, Nio designs, manufactures, and sells smart and connected EVs. In addition, the company also offers comprehensive value-added services and also an innovative suite of charging solutions to its users. Notably, this would include Power Home, its home charging solution, and Power Swap, its innovative battery swapping service. 

best electric vehicle stocks to buy (nio stock)

Similar to Tesla, the company also announced its December, fourth-quarter, and full-year 2021 delivery results. For the month of December, Nio delivered 10,489 vehicles, an increase of 49.7% year-over-year. The deliveries consisted of 2,782 ES8s, 4,939 ES6s, and 2,768 EC6s. 

Furthermore, its fourth quarter’s deliveries are yet another new record-high with 25,034 vehicles delivered. This represents an increase of 44.3% compared to the prior year’s quarter. Meanwhile, Nio delivered 91,429 vehicles this year in total, representing a strong increase of 109.1% year-over-year. All in all, we can see the adoption of the company’s EVs increasing at an exponential rate that could excite investors. With that in mind, would you consider investing in NIO stock?

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General Motors

General Motors designs, builds and sells trucks, crossovers, cars, and automobile parts worldwide. The company also provides automotive financing services through GM Financial. Over the years, the company has recognized the need to keep up with the trends of electrification. With that said, GM stock has climbed approximately 45% over the past year as it increases its investment in the EV space. 

automotive stocks to buy (GM stock)

Recently, there were glimpses of what the future holds for General Motors in the EV space. The company’s transition to an all-EV future will start with an off-road supertruck and commercial delivery EV. The GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 Pickup and BrightDrop EV600 light commercial vehicle are both built on the Ultium Platform. This platform is the foundation for the company’s all-electric future, giving it the ability to build an entire retail and commercial portfolio. 

Diving into the details, the Ultium Platform will enable the company to make nearly every type of vehicle across its different brands. It will also greatly reduce the proliferation of parts combinations used in today’s internal combustion lineups. And that ultimately helps enhance EV profitability. Furthermore, the company believes that it will be able to leverage the technology to expand its business to non-automotive applications. All things considered, this legacy auto giant appears to be catching up with the electrification trends. So, should investors be keeping a close eye on GM stock now?

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To sum up this list, we will be looking at yet another Chinese EV company on the rise, Xpeng. The company’s sedans and SUVs have been a popular choice among the growing base of technology-savvy middle-class consumers in China. Besides that, it also develops in-house its full-stack advanced driver-assistance system technology and in-car intelligent operating system. 

top ev stocks to watch (xpev stock)

Xpeng started the year by announcing its vehicle delivery results for December 2021 and the fourth quarter of 2021. In December, the company delivered 16,000 Smart EVs, exceeding the monthly delivery benchmark of 15,000 for the second consecutive month. On top of that, it also represents a 181% increase year-over-year. Safe to say, the company’s business momentum is on the right track and highlights its execution capabilities. 

Now, let us look at the company’s fourth-quarter performance. It delivered 41,751 units for the quarter, an increase of 222% compared to the same period last year. Out of which, 21,342 were the P7 model. Overall, it is easy to understand why investors are bullish when it comes to the long-term prospects of the company. Given these encouraging signs, would you consider buying XPEV stock?

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