Are These The Best Growth Stocks To Buy In April 2021?

With the pandemic retreating as mass vaccination continues to roll out, these growth stocks could further explode in valuation. To start things off, after President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion relief bill earlier this month, the fresh stimulus has reached into the hands of Americans. Industrial growth stocks like Houston Wire & Cable Company (NASDAQ: HWCC) have already seen their share price spike by over 90% year-to-date and could be further propelled by these stimulus checks. This is evidence of growth stocks benefiting from the stimulus checks already. Furthermore, these stocks can be found in any industry. With a little bit of research and with the vast information on the internet, it is not difficult to look for high-growth stocks in the stock market today.

Some examples of successful growth stocks are like FreightCar America (NASDAQ: RAIL) that have been up by over 400% in the last year. Another example of a growth stock is Blink Charging (NASDAQ: BLNK) that has seen gains of over 250% in the last 6 months. You could say that the aim is to buy these stocks at a reasonable price and hang on as revenue and earnings rise over time. Today, we will be covering top growth stocks in the industrial, electronics, and technology sector. Firstly, the industrial sector does look well-positioned from growth. Secondly, the electronics and technology sectors continue to enjoy high demand. Given the circumstances, will you consider buying these top growth stocks before April 2021?

Top Growth Stocks To Buy [Or Avoid] In April

Polar Power Inc.

Polar Power is a company that designs and sells direct current power systems and lithium battery-powered hybrid solar systems. Its products are used in the telecommunications, military, electric vehicle charging, and cogeneration markets. Polar’s systems provide reliable and low-cost energy for off-grid and bad-grid applications with critical power needs. POLA stock currently trades at $12.10 as of 12:40 p.m. ET and has been up by over 600% in the last year.

growth stocks (POLA stock)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Currently, the company has a global presence with locations in Europe, Australia, Africa, North America. In an investor presentation last month, the company states that it is ahead of the technology curve in designing and selling solar DC hybrid systems. It also has participated in a wide range of military R&D contracts. Also, Polar is well-positioned as a complete systems provider. This would eliminate the necessity of customers’ internal engineering and consultants.

Furthermore, this would allow the company to gain control over the customers’ overall product demands & obtain a higher market share. Lastly, it also boasts intellectual property which would cause a significant barrier to entry for its competitors, giving the company a competitive edge. Given all of these reasons, will you be adding POLA stock to your watchlist?

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Sino-Global Shipping America Ltd.

Sino-Global is a global logistics and ship management company. The company has been diversifying into the fast-growing cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFT) markets while continuing to support and grow its core shipping, chartering, logistics, and related services business. SINO stock has been up by over 200% in the last year and currently trades at $6.84 as of 12:40 p.m. ET.

top growth stocks to watch (SINO stock)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Today, the company announced that it will acquire 60% ownership of blockchain infrastructure developer Super Node LLC in an all-stock transaction valued at $5 million. The addition of Super Node will further strengthen the company’s capabilities and accelerate the buildout of its business as it pursues major opportunities in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency and digital market. Last week, the company also launched its highly secure NFT exchange in collaboration with e-commerce public chain CyberMiles.

The new NFT exchange will serve as a highly secure, robust platform for collectors, artists, musicians, and investors to create, sell and buy digital content represented as NFTs.  The companies expect to officially launch their new NFT platform in July 2021. This platform could provide a critical link between the virtual blockchain world and the physical world. Given the company’s latest venture, will you consider buying SINO stock?

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Koss Corporation

Koss is a company that designs and manufactures headphones. The company is well known for its high-fidelity stereophones and audio accessories. The Milwaukee-based manufacturer has been in the center of attention in recent weeks as its stock has experienced dramatic swings.  This seems to be coming from the popular message board r/WallStreetBets that have driven the stock to astronomical highs. Impressively, the company’s stock has seen gains of over 500% year-to-date and currently trades at $21.54 as of 12:41 p.m. ET. Also, KOSS stock spiked by over 30% on Thursday’s opening bell.

best growth stocks to buy (KOSS stock)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

The company has seen some tailwinds from industry trends as demand for audio products continues to rise. Some analysts predict that the headphone industry will benefit from a compound annual growth rate of 20% through 2027. In the company’s second-quarter financials that were posted in January, the company reported sales of $4.92 million, which is an 18.4% increase year-over-year. 

Koss notes that the increase in net sales has been across several markets with U.S. distributors, European distributors, and domestic direct-to-consumer sales leading the way. All things considered, will you buy KOSS stock?

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21Vianet Group Inc. 

21Vianet is the largest carrier-neutral internet and data center service provider in China. It is also the exclusive operator of Microsoft Azure and Office 365 services in China. In addition to that, the company also houses data centers for Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) and a plethora of other Chinese companies. 21Vianet operates in more than 20 cities throughout China, servicing a diversified and loyal base of nearly 5,000 hosting enterprise customers. VNET stock currently trades at $32.30 as of 12:42 p.m. ET and has been up by over 14% during Thursday’s trading session.

top growth stocks to watch (VNET stock)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Earlier this week, the company reported its fourth-quarter and full-year 2020 financials. It posted a net revenue of $206.6 million, which is a 28.6% increase year-over-year. 21Vianet also reported that its cash gross profit increased by 36.6% to $89.2 million year-over-year.

These robust financial and operating results for the quarter are due to the growing market demand for the company’s services. 21Vianet has also been strategically expanding its capacity pipeline and continues to enjoy strong sales momentum. With that in mind, will you consider VNET stock as a top growth stock to buy?

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