Do You Have These Metaverse Stocks On Your Watchlist?

Metaverse stocks have been on the radar of many investors in the stock market over the past year. After all, the metaverse could be a part of our lives in the coming years. Admittedly, nobody can really predict how much it can really change our lives. But many companies are already preparing for the metaverse era. For instance, in Disney’s (NYSE: DIS) earnings call yesterday, CEO Bob Chapek said that the metaverse is “absolutely top of mind” for the company. He added that the company is focusing on innovation to create interactive, actively-engaged type experiences.

Furthermore, even fast-food chain McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) is jumping on the bandwagon. McDonald’s is the latest to file for a trademark application for virtual goods, services, and virtual restaurants and cafes. The company claims that it will be “operating a virtual restaurant online featuring home delivery.” Given all the hype around the metaverse space, it is not surprising why investors are on the lookout for the top metaverse stocks in the stock market today. 

Metaverse Stocks To Watch Today


Roblox is a technology company that is often associated with the metaverse. It intends to build a human co-experience platform that allows shared experiences among billions of users. In fact, all Roblox Platform users have identities in the form of avatars that allow them to interact and express themselves as whoever or whatever they want to be. At this point, this could be the closest technology platform to the metaverse that many people envision. 

video game stocks (RBLX stock)

Yesterday, Roblox and The National Football League announced the launch of NFL Tycoon. This is to engage the next generation of NFL football fans in the metaverse. So, NFL would be the first official major sports league to offer a unique experience on Roblox.

The partnership will bring more ways for the community to celebrate their fandom and bring a more engaging experience for NFL fans. With that said, could RBLX stock continue to benefit from the growing attention on the metaverse?

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Fastly is a real-time content delivery network (CDN) company. It provides services in the areas of delivery, security, streaming media, e-commerce, and private CDN. Also, its platform helps minimize the lag time and latency of decentralization and can move a significant amount of data across numerous countries. With the potential need for more data transfer for a virtual world, the company could be in a good position to capitalize on the metaverse trends. 

best tech stocks to watch (FSLY stock)

Last week, Fastly announced the launch of the edge deployment option for the Fastly Next-Gen Web Application Firewall. This new offering protects applications and APIs anywhere they live while being able to deploy across the broadest range of architectures.

Unlike legacy rules-based web application firewalls (WAF), the Fastly Next-Gen WAF allows greater scalability, higher efficiency, and a lower total cost of ownership. Overall, this is a huge boost to its edge cloud network. With that said, would you consider adding FSLY stock to your watchlist?

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Following that, we have the spatial data company, Matterport. Essentially, its three-dimensional (3D) data platform could turn a space into a digital twin. It can be used to design, build, operate and understand space better.

MTTR stock chart

Not to mention, its platform also works with a range of 3D cameras, 360 cameras, and even iPhones. So, Matterport’s customers could realize the full potential of a space at every stage of its lifecycle.

In fact, Matterport just announced its Matterport Axis™, a revolutionary motorized mount that works with smartphones. This new hands-free solution produces reliable high-fidelity results with just a click of a button. So, users can supercharge 3D capture using just the phone at any time and anywhere. Besides that, Matterport aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the built world by making it effortless for anyone with a smartphone. All things considered, would you invest in the future of MTTR stock?


Another top name to know for the metaverse would be Unity. Essentially, it offers a platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time three-dimensional content. This includes Create Solutions and Operate Solutions that enable customers to create and monetize their content across a range of third-party content distribution platforms. With more than 2.5 billion monthly users consuming content created or operated with Unity solutions, it should not be surprising that U stock is now gaining traction among investors. 

growth stocks (U stock)

Recently, Unity announced its fourth-quarter and full-year 2021 earnings, and along with it, plenty of optimism moving forward. Its revenue came in at $315.9 million, up 43% year-over-year and ahead of guidance. Meanwhile, its full-year 2021 revenue was $1.1 billion, representing an increase of 44% year-over-year.

In addition, Unity now expects its full-year 2022 revenue to be $1.5 billion. This exceeds analysts’ consensus estimate of $1.43 billion. All in all, the company appears to be trending in the right direction and the hype surrounding the metaverse would likely be beneficial for Unity long-term. Given these positive sentiments, would you consider U stock as a top metaverse stock to watch?

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To sum up the list, we will be looking at Autodesk. For the uninitiated, the company is a design and services company. It offers customers productive business solutions through technology products and services.

software stocks to buy (ADSK stock)

The company’s Revit software is a building information modeling program that allows architects to visualize their designs and showcase them to customers. In turn, it can be transformed into a virtual reality setting with plugins like Autodesk Rendering. Well, such a technology would likely have a role to play in the metaverse. 

In January, Autodesk announced the acquisition of Moxion. This is a New Zealand-based developer of a powerful, cloud-based platform for digital dailies used by leading filmmakers. Naturally, the addition of Moxion’s talent and technology will expand Autodesk’s own cloud platform for Media and Entertainment upstream. Also, it will bring new users to Autodesk while helping better integrate processes across the entire content production chain. For these reasons, should you be keeping a close tab on ADSK stock?

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