Best Biotech Stocks To Buy [Or Sell] This Month

Biotech stocks are still in focus today amidst the sell-off that has been happening in recent weeks. Regardless if these companies are working on coronavirus treatment like Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) or making revolutionary therapies like BioVie (NASDAQ: BIVI), biotech investors could be looking at high returns for their venture into the sector. In fact, some people are calling it the Golden Age of Biotechnology that we are living in today, and for good reason. Because of the pandemic, interest in biotech companies has skyrocketed in the last year. This in turn helped usher in a major amount of capital into the sector.

With the vaccination rollout at full speed right now, the coronavirus may not be here forever. However, there are still many biotech companies that are working on groundbreaking treatments. Investors who venture into the sector will need to know that with great rewards come great risks as well. The volatility in the biotech industry is evident if we take into account the last year. As some of the best biotech stocks to watch continue to put out many press releases and announcements, the speculation for the industry is rather high.

With every successful clinical result or regulatory approval, your biotech stock could enjoy huge gains overnight. On the other hand, in the event of a not-so-successful clinical trial, it could send your biotech stock tumbling. With proper due diligence and research, however, investors could weather through this volatility. All things considered, here is a list of top biotech stocks to consider buying.

Top Biotech Stocks To Watch Right Now

INVO Bioscience Inc.

INVO is a company that focuses on creating treatments for patients diagnosed with infertility. The company’s main product is INVOcell, a medical device used in infertility treatment and is considered an assisted reproductive technology. It also focuses on creating simplified, lower-cost treatments for patients diagnosed with infertility. Additionally, the company’s INVO Procedure is a fertility treatment option allowing fertilization and early embryo development to take place inside the woman’s body. INVO stock is up by over 202% at Tuesday’s closing bell at $9.40 a share.

This latest rally seems to come after the company announced an amendment under its exclusive U.S. commercialization agreement with Ferring Pharmaceuticals. The amendment provides an increase in the number of INVO company-owned clinics initially allowable under the agreement and removes certain geographical restrictions. This would reflect the strength of its ongoing collaboration and shared commitment with Ferring Pharmaceuticals to expand the use of INVOcell in the U.S.

INVO also believes that its dedicated clinic approach is an important complementary channel to accelerate awareness and market adoption of INVOcell and would allow it to capture additional income. Given all of this, will you consider adding INVO stock into your portfolio?

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Second Sight Medical Products Inc.

Second Sight is a global leader in neuromodulation devices to treat blindness. In detail, it develops and manufactures prosthetic devices that restore vision to blind individuals. Furthermore, the company leverages its 20 years of technology to develop devices that treat the broadest population of sight-impaired individuals. Inspired by personal connections with a retinitis pigmentosa (RP) diagnosis, Second Sight has researched and created the world’s first U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved device for providing artificial vision. EYES stock has been up by over 700% since the start of March. It currently trades at $15.48 a share as of Tuesday’s close.

biotech stocks (eyes stock)

This latest rally seems to be coming from news that the FDA approved the company’s Argus 2s Retinal Prosthesis System for the treatment of RP. Argus 2s is a redesigned set of external hardware which consists of glasses and a video processing unit.

Second Sight expects that Argus 2s will be adapted to be the external system for the next generation Orion Visual Cortical Prosthesis System that is currently under development. This is game-changing as it restores sight to patients that use its device. RP affects roughly 1 out of 4,000 people in the world. Given the regulatory approval, will you consider buying EYES stock?

Aytu Bioscience Inc.

Aytu is a specialty pharmaceutical company. It markets a portfolio of prescription products in primary care and pediatric markets. It focuses on delivering novel therapeutics that address significant patient needs. The company’s portfolio includes Natesto nasal gel, the only FDA-approved nasally administered testosterone indicated for replacement therapy in adult males with testosterone deficiency. AYTU stock is up by over 8% since the last week and closed Tuesday’s trading session at $8.02 per share.

best biotech stocks (aytu stock)

The company today announced positive clinical results from its Healight Pilot Study in coronavirus patients. The platform uses UVA light treatment that was associated with a significant reduction of viral load and improvement in WHO clinical severity scores.

Additionally, the treatment did not result in serious adverse device effects and was well tolerated. The Healight technology could potentially become an important tool for fighting the global pandemic. Do you think AYTU stock is worth buying for this reason?

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AnPac Bio-Medical Science

AnPac is a biotech company that focuses on early cancer screening and detection. The company’s multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach results in a strong track record of successful innovation. Furthermore, it specializes in cancer research and detection and also nano-technology & physics. ANPC is up by over 72% on today’s opening bell and closed the trading day up 48.45% at $8.61. This latest rally seems to come after the company announced that it has developed and completed evaluations for a new generation of multi-cancer detection sensors.

best biotech stocks to buy now (ANPC stock)

Dubbed as the CDA Pro Sensor (CDAPS), it is a technology breakthrough with improved performance over the previous generation cancer detection sensor in a number of areas. Additionally, this includes signal stability, sensor device yield, sensor cost, and detection sensitivity. It significantly reduced sensor cost and both cancer detection sensitivity and specificity reached over 95% in a retrospective clinical sample test.

CDAPS is revolutionary as it is a major milestone and breakthrough as detection is the key to obtaining early-stage cancer signals, which are typically very hard to find in the initial stages of the disease. With this next-generation detection technology, it will allow AnPac to enhance its technology and give it a competitive edge, which could fuel the company’s growth in the long run. Given the excitement surrounding the company, will you consider buying ANPC stock?

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