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Are These The Best Tech Stocks To Watch This Week?

Tech stocks have been dominant in the stock market this year. Therefore, it would not be surprising for investors to be looking for the best tech stocks to buy in 2021. While investors may be uncomfortable buying tech stocks since the sector in general commands higher premiums, it is important to note that traditional companies, typically industrial sectors, while cheap, cannot generate the type of growth that comes from the tech space. This has benefitted both tech companies and tech investors alike. For example, tech companies such as Amazon (AMZN Stock Report) and Match Group (MTCH Stock Report) are having their best years on the stock market so far. That’s because they provide services that are in demand, namely e-commerce and online dating respectively.

However, as we enter a new year, investors may be concerned about how consumer demands could change. That’s considering that the E.U. officially started its vaccination campaign over the weekend. This comes off the news of Pfizer’s (PFE Stock Report) coronavirus vaccine candidate receiving approval for emergency use in the E.U. on December 21. Recall that vaccination in the U.S. had begun earlier this month. With all these developments, there may be an inclination by investors to avoid top tech stocks.

The reality is, it is a mammoth task to achieve the goal of vaccinating the world. Current estimates sit between a matter of months to even years. In that time, tech stocks could continue to thrive as their services remain essential. Considering that, will you be adding tech stocks to your 2021 watchlist? Here’s a list to help you with that.

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Top Tech Stocks To Watch Ahead of January 2021: Microsoft Corporation

First, we have Microsoft (MSFT Stock Report). The multinational tech giant is undeniably a household name. That is especially the case this year as its wide range of products caters to the needs of people staying home amidst the pandemic. Notably, the company’s share prices appear to be trading within 5% of its all-time high in September. As of last week’s closing bell, MSFT stocks are sitting at a price tag of $222.75 a share.

Microsoft reported bringing in $37.2 billion of total revenue in its recent quarter fiscal posted in October. Furthermore, it also saw a 32% rise in earnings per share year-over-year. CEO Satya Nadella said, “The next decade of economic performance for every business will be defined by the speed of their digital transformation … We are innovating across our full modern tech stack to help our customers in every industry improve time to value, increase agility, and reduce costs.” With its sights on keeping up with industry demands in the foreseeable future, investors could be looking to invest in MSFT stock for the long term.

top tech stocks (MSFT stock)

On December 25, it was reported that Microsoft has signed a global cooperation agreement with Honor. In brief, Honor is a gadget brand formerly owned by Huawei. The deal involves the implementation of Microsoft’s Windows 10 as the official operating system in Honor’s laptops. As of now, this series of Honor laptops is set to hit shelves in China next month. This is a sensible move by Microsoft as it expands its market presence in China. With all these in mind, could MSFT stock keep up its momentum in 2021? I’ll let you decide.

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Top Tech Stocks To Watch Ahead of January 2021: Micron Technology, Inc.

Next, we have Micron (MU Stock Report). The Idaho-based company specializes in producing computer hardware. Particularly, it sells computer memory and computer data storage hardware. The company has two consumer brands known as Crucial and Ballistix. With most people working online now, Micron’s devices would prove to be essential for storing extra work files. Considering its stock prices are up 104% since March, this appears to be the case. Regardless, investors may be curious as to what else the company has up its sleeves for 2021.

Just last week, news broke regarding Micron’s latest development direction. Namely, the company will be speeding up the development of its dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) chips. It will be doing so via extreme ultraviolet lithography. This is important as it is the same method being explored by pioneer DRAM manufacturers Samsung and SK Hynix. With this technology, the company would be able to further refine its data storage offerings. Should things go as planned, I could see why investors would be watching MU stocks closely.

best tech stocks (MU stock)

The company is slated to release its first-quarter fiscal on January 7. In its previous quarter fiscal reported back in September, the company saw green across the board. Micron raked in $6.06 billion in total revenue for the quarter. Moreover, it saw year-over-year jumps of 76% in net income and 77% in earnings per share. Considering its latest moves and current assets it seems to me that Micron is not slowing down anytime soon. Will this translate to huge gains for investors of MU stock moving forward? You tell me.

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Top Tech Stocks To Watch Ahead of January 2021: Zoom Video Communications Inc.

Zoom (ZM Stock Report) needs little introduction. Indeed, ZM stock has skyrocketed by over 400% year-to-date. This is expected as people around the world have been able to keep in contact with their loved ones thanks to Zoom. But, investors may be wondering about its long-term growth potential post-pandemic. For a clearer picture of that, we would have to look at what the company has been up to recently.

Last week, Zoom released a huge update for Apple (AAPL Stock Report) devices. To elaborate, Zoom’s latest update comes with native support for Apple Silicon Macs. Crucially, these are Apple’s first line of computers containing Apple-designed processing units. This marks a fantastic move by Zoom. The company’s platform is now essentially a universal application that runs natively on Apple and Intel (INTC Stock Report) processors. Evidently, the company is showing it can adapt to shifts in the market as Apple only made the shift from Intel’s hardware in November. This would definitely impress investors that are watching ZM stock.

top tech stocks to buy (ZM stock)

This adds to the company’s already stellar performance financially as well. In its recent quarter fiscal reported in December, Zoom saw a 367% surge in total revenue year-over-year. Additionally, it also saw a huge jump of 6500% in earnings per share in the same period. The company also ended the quarter with $730 million in cash on hand. By and large, the company’s financial position puts it in a good spot to continue innovating throughout the pandemic. The question now is, do you think this could bring ZM stock to new highs in 2021?

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