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As the economy continues to open back up, is now the time to go long on retail stocks?

It is not a surprise to investors that retail stocks have been struggling throughout 2020. Most retail locations were forced to close all around the world because of the pandemic. Some had to close permanently because of the economic effects of closing. In many places, shopping malls and retail stores are still being forced to stay closed. This has caused the financials of many top retail stocks to fall significantly. With that being said, many retail companies have been able to perform well in 2020.

For example, Target (TGT Stock Report) and Amazon (AMZN Stock Report) reached a new all-time highs in 2020. This was because it managed to stay open despite the pandemic going on. So some retail stocks have reached new heights, while some are still on the road to recovery. No matter how you throw the dice there are many good retail stocks to watch. So now let us look at two retail stocks that have been trending in the market.

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Retail Stocks To Buy [Or Sell] Before September 2020: Big Lots

The first retail stock to watch is Big Lots Inc. (BIG Stock Report). Big Lots is a retail company that sells everything from apparel to toys to kitchenware. The company store model could be described as a department store. They currently operate more than 1400 stores in 47 US states. Big Lots has not yet reported its second-quarter results. This is going to change on August 28th, when new reports are released. Analysts have currently expected a revenue increase for the retail company.

top retail stocks to buy (BIG stock)

High expectations have caused BIG stock to rally up. On August 18th, BIG stock price was at $48 a share but has now risen to $53 a share on August 24th. This is a perfect example of how upcoming news can cause a stock to rise based on speculation. BIG stock has climbed around 112% in 2020 so it can be expected that positive results will have it climb even higher. It has been interesting to watch BIG stock price rise in 2020. That is why BIG stock is a retail stock to watch before September.

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Retail Stocks To Buy [Or Sell] Before September 2020: Walmart

Walmart Inc. (WMT Stock Report) has had quite the 2020 run. Walmart managed to stay open despite the troubles caused by the pandemic. This has been great for the company. People started stockpiling goods back in March of 2020. This included things like food, hand sanitizer, water, and other essential supplies. Walmart was there for people as they never closed because of the pandemic. This made Walmart a primary source of supplies for many families across the nation.

best retail stocks to buy (WMT stock)

Walmart’s e-commerce sales have increased by 74%. Walmart’s in-store sales also increased 10% in 2020 so far. This has caused WMT stock to reach record highs. WMT stock was at $116 a share when 2020 was starting. Since then, WMT stock price has climbed to $131 a share as of August 24th. This nearly 13% increase in WMT stock price was all become of Walmart’s positive performance in 2020. That is why WMT stock is a retail stock to watch.

Retail Stocks To Buy [Or Sell] Before September 2020: Lululemon Athletica

The final retail stock to watch on this list is Lululemon Athletica Inc. (LULU Stock Report). Lululemon Athletica is a retail company that produces and sells athletic apparel. This apparel includes things like performance shirts, pants, and workout accessories too. Lululemon currently has more than 460 stores around the world and has an e-commerce platform as well.

Lululemon has not yet released second quarter report yet. But Lululemon’s first quarter results were not very good. Lululemon’s net revenue decreased 17% and its store revenue fell harshly as well. But it seems as e-commerce and continued sales have been able to bring Lululemon’s stock price back up. In fact, LULU stock was at $238 a share before the pandemic began and has reached $376 a share as of August 24th. From August 18th to the 24th, LULU stock price has increased 6% a share.

best retail stocks to buy now (LULU stock)

This positive momentum for all of these companies has been great for investors. LULU stock, WMT stock, and BIG stock prove that retail stocks can strive in 2020. That is why they are retail stocks to buy [or sell] before September comes along. Keep an eye on the retail stock sector for the next company that could be recovering in the market.

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