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Are These Beverage Stocks On Your September 2020 Watchlist?

The market for beverage stocks has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of beverage companies saw a large sales loss due to restaurants closing. Restaurants are either entirely closed or take out only. This means that restaurants need to order fewer beverages from these companies. Some beverage companies are recovering despite this. In-store sales such as supermarkets, sales have been on the rise. This is because of people eating at home more than at restaurants.

Some beverage companies have managed to make a full recovery and others are on their way to it. We’ve seen how the best stocks to watch in the stock market right now have been able to surge in 2020 like Tesla (TSLA Stock Report) and Amazon (AMZN Stock Report) to name a few. When there is news about restaurant reopening it is possible for beverage stocks to rise. Let’s have a look at 3 beverage stocks to watch in September 2020.

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Best Beverage Stocks To Buy [Or Avoid] In September 2020: National Beverage Corp.

The first beverage stock to watch is National Beverage Corp. (FIZZ Stock Report). National Beverage Corp is a beverage company that is based in Florida. The company is the 5th largest soft drink company in the US. National Beverage has many subsidiaries which include Big Shot, Faygo, LaCroix, and Everfresh. National Beverage has been able to benefit from its drinks being in supermarkets all over the United States.

top beverage stocks to buy (FIZZ stock)

This has caused FIZZ stock to greatly increase in price in 2020. At the start of the year FIZZ stock price was at $44 a share on average. As of August 26th, FIZZ stock has reached $74 a share. From August 19th to the 26th, FIZZ stock price has increased 12%. If National Beverage can release positive financial reports in the future then FIZZ stock price could rise even more. That is why FIZZ stock is a potential beverage stock to buy.

Best Beverage Stocks To Buy [Or Avoid] In September 2020: PepsiCo

The next beverage stock to watch is PepsiCo Inc. (PEP Stock Report) because of its ability to recover in the market. We all know the beverage company giant that is PepsiCo. PepsiCo is the second-largest food and beverage company in the entire world. By net revenue, PepsiCo comes in first place. Just a few of its products include Pepsi, Gatorade, Tropicana, Quaker Oats, Lay’s Cheetos, and many more. Back in July PepsiCo released its second-quarter results.

best beverage stocks to buy now (PEP stock)

Net sales did fall but the reports were more positive than expected still. PEP stock was around $136 a share before the pandemic began. After it started, PEP stock price fell to $105 a share on average in March. Since then, PEP stock has managed to make a full recovery. As of August 26th PEP stock is at $137 a share on average. If PepsiCo’s next quarter earnings beat estimates once again, PEP stock could rise even higher. That is why PEP stock is a beverage stock to watch.

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Best Beverage Stocks To Buy [Or Avoid] In September 2020: Nestle S.A.

The final beverage stock to watch on this list is Nestle S.A. (NSRGY Stock Report). Nestle is the largest beverage and food company in the world. Nestle has many subsidiaries, some of which are Kit Kat, Nescafe, Smarties, Stouffers, Kraft Foods, and more. The company employs more than 340,000 people and operates in 189 countries. Nestle released half-year results for the company on July 30th. The company’s organic growth was at 2.8%. Earnings per share increased by 22.2%.

The CEO of Nestle, Mark Schneider, said in the reports,Nestlé has remained resilient in a rapidly changing environment, delivering solid organic growth and improved margins in the first half. These results demonstrate the agility of our business and the strength of our diversified portfolio across geographies, product categories and channels.” NSRGY stock started 2020 around $106 a share. As of August 26th, NSRGY stock price is at $120 a share. If Nestle can continue to recover and increase sales then NSRGY stock could climb even more.

best beverage stocks to buy (NSRGY stock)

What Now

Beverage companies have taken quite a hit in the market from the pandemic. But these beverage stocks are showing potential. Some of these beverage stocks are at a higher price than they were previously. That is why NSRGY stock, FIZZ stock, and PEP stock are potential beverage stocks to buy.

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