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Is Now The Time To Buy These Top Online Education Stocks?

The world of education stocks has been rather interesting to watch in 2020. The pandemic that has taken over the world caused schools to not open up in person. While in a few select places schools have now opened, most schools are online. The increase of interest in online schooling has caused many online-based education services to increase in numbers. That is why there are many trending online education stocks to watch.

Obviously not all education stocks are increasing in share price, but many are. Education stocks like 2U Inc. (TWOU Stock Report) and Bright Horizons Family Solutions Inc. (BFAM Stock Report) are trending to name a few. Online services on the rise include e-textbook companies, classes, study help, and more. So let’s look at three education stocks that are performing well in the market.

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Top Education Stocks To Watch In September 2020: TAL Education Group

The first education stock on this list is TAL Education Group (TAL Stock Report). TAL Education Group is an education company that offers tutoring services to students. Its services are accessible to K-12 students and are presented in a diverse set of subjects. Some of these include history, math, physics, and English. TAL also provides tutoring services through subsidiaries like Xueersi and Mobby. TAL Education Group owns 871 learning centers and 767 service centers as of February 2019.

online education stocks to buy (TAL stock)

TAL stock price is at a new all time high at the moment. TAL stock started 2020 at $53 a share. Now TAL stock price has been able to reach $77 a share as of September 1st. That is a more than 45% increase in stock price for TAL stock. This company has been on the rise due to the need for an alternative type of education during these dark times in the world. That is why TAL stock is an education stock to watch.

Top Education Stocks To Watch In September 2020: Chegg Inc.

The next education stock to watch is Chegg Inc. (CHGG Stock Report) because of its new height in the market. Chegg offers textbook rentals, tutoring, and much more through its online services. As of 2019, Chegg had 3.9 million subscribers. It is expected that this number rose much more once 2020 came around. Since Chegg is an online service, many students have been using it as a source during these times. The ongoing pandemic has caused students to turn to an online way of getting an education. This has caused Chegg to receive many new customers throughout 2020.

online education stocks to buy now (CHGG stock)

Just 6 months ago CHGG stock was at $40 a share on average. Now on September 1st, CHGG stock price is at $76 a share on average. That is a 90% increase in just 6 months. Chegg’s online services were already being used by many before the pandemic. But now with the increased need for textbook rental online and tutoring, Chegg has been able to reach these new record highs in the market over and over again. That is why CHGG stock has made this list of education stocks.

Top Education Stocks To Watch In September 2020: K12 Inc.

This last education stock to watch, K12 Inc. (LRN Stock Report), has created a large upsurge in its share price. K12 was created in 2000 and went public in 2008. The company sells online courses for students learning online. K12 is a substitute for in-person classes. The name K12 represents how it offers courses for students from kindergarten all the way to 12th grade. Just like the other education stocks on this list, K12 has been able to rise because of its online services offered.

best online education stocks to buy now (LRN stock)

6 months ago, LRN stock was at $20 a share on average. Now as of September 1st, LRN stock price is at $38 a share. LRN stock also reached a recent record high of above $50 a share. This shows that LRN stock has been holding momentum throughout 2020. Although its $38 a share price is lower than the $50 high, it is still way above its $20 price from March.

Bottom Line

The future of education could very well be online. It is possible that in-person education won’t even exist someday. In the short term, the pandemic does not seem to be going anywhere. So many schools are using online services as a part of their curriculum. Online education has been on the rise for a while, and this has caused the market to increase drastically. That is why these are all education stocks that could potentially make your watch list.

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