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2 Retail Stocks To Watch Today

Here are some retail stocks to watch in the stock market today.

The retail sector is a dynamic component of the economy. It encompasses businesses selling goods and services directly to consumers. This sector includes a wide range of outlets, from brick-and-mortar stores to online platforms. Retail stocks represent these companies in the financial market. They are popular among investors seeking diversity and growth.

Investing in retail stocks offers the potential for significant returns. This is especially true for companies that adapt to changing consumer behaviors. However, the sector is also subject to challenges. These include economic downturns and shifts towards online shopping. Such factors can impact the performance of retail stocks.

Additionally, the retail sector is highly competitive. This can affect profit margins and stock performance. Yet, for informed investors, retail stocks can provide valuable opportunities. It is crucial to understand market trends and consumer preferences. Keeping this on top of mind, let’s look at two retail stocks to check out in the stock market now.

Retail Stocks To Buy [Or Avoid] Now

The Home Depot (HD Stock)

To start, The Home Depot Inc. (HD) stands as the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, offering a wide range of products and services for construction, renovation, and decorating projects. Furthermore, the company operates across numerous locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Earlier this month, Home Depot announced when it will report its fourth quarter 2023 financial results. Specifically, the retail giant is set to report its Q4 2023 financial results on Tuesday, February 20, prior to the U.S. stock market opening. Last quarter, Home Depot reported earnings notching in an EPS of $3.81 with revenue of $37.71 billion.

Since the start of 2024, shares of Home Depot stock have surged by 6.49% year-to-date. Meanwhile, during Monday morning’s trading action, HD stock is trading higher by 1.21% at $367.56 a share.

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Crocs (CROX Stock)

Following that, Crocs Inc. (CROX) has carved a unique niche in the footwear industry with its distinctive range of casual shoes for men, women, and children. Best known for its lightweight, comfortable, and often brightly colored designs, Crocs has expanded its product line beyond its iconic clogs to include sandals, boots, and slip-on shoes.

At the beginning of the month, Crocs announced when it will report its fourth quarter 2023 earnings results. The company reported that will announce its Q4 2023 financial results, this week, Thursday, February 15, 2024, before the stock market opens. To briefly recap, last quarter Crocs reported a beat, notching in earnings of $3.25 per share, with revenue of $1.05 billion.

Year-to-date, shares of CROX stock have jumped by 18.68% so far. While, during Monday’s mid-morning trading action, Crocs stock is trading up another 3.54% at $111.35 a share.

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