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Are These The Top Tech Stocks To Buy Amid The Tech Rebound?

Could tech stocks rebound strongly after ending the three days losing streak?

Top Tech Stocks To Watch Before The End Of September

Tech stocks have been the most exciting sector to watch this year in the stock market. The markets hate chaos, but intelligent investors love it. What do I mean by that? For sure, no investors like a chaotic investment climate, which could typically come after a major reshuffling in a government, a war, or a global health crisis that we are facing today. Investors know that very well because usually after a steep dive in equity prices, it is only a matter of time before they rebound. By that, I am referring to the broad market, not any specific stock. 

If you have been trading stocks long enough, you would most probably come across the three-day term rule. It becomes conventional wisdom that in any news-driven market crisis, investors would wait until the third business day to trade anything. For example, when a big-league nation loses its mind, investors pay a heavy price. On June 24, 2016, the UK approved a referendum to leave the EU. Stock Markets worldwide lost more than $2 trillion. However, before August 2016, investors had recouped most of their losses. That is if they didn’t trade anything during that one week after the vote. Now that the sentiments among tech stocks seem to be behaving in a similar fashion, are these the best tech stocks to watch?

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Top Tech Stocks To Buy [Or Sell] In September: Pinterest

If you are looking for high growth tech stocks, you might want to include Pinterest (PINS Stock Report) on your watchlist. The company has reported more users, more use cases, and improving monetization that could potentially make this a multi-bagger stock. That’s because, be it social networking, e-commerce, or digital advertising, the company stands to benefit from all of these trends. Pinterest has a reputation for being more inspirational and less political than others. Besides, there is plenty of room for the company to grow its user base. 

From the Q2 letter to shareholders, management provided an example from a company called MVMT Watches. Because of improvements to the platform, MVMT Watches’ cost per customer acquisition on Pinterest was four times lower than normal advertising.

If this is not just anecdotal, it suggests Pinterest’s ability to bring value to advertisers. With economic activity slowly getting back to normal and advertisers resumed their spending, there’s a great chance the company could record-high revenue growth in the coming quarter. For this reason, PINS stock could be one of the best tech stocks to buy now if your investment horizon is long enough.

Top Tech Stocks To Buy [Or Sell] In September: Twilio

Given Twilio’s (TWLO Stock Report) impressive run-up year to date, it’s normal to have some profit-taking in the near-term. The cloud services provider attracted the bulls with its robust revenue growth. Investors now wonder what they can expect from TWLO stock in the final stretch of the year.

I can’t tell what’s going to happen in the final quarter of 2020. But one thing is for sure, that the increased demand in technology will lead to more sales for the cloud communications platform. After all, in an increasingly interconnected world, digital communications couldn’t have been more important.

Twilio’s cloud communications platform helps businesses improve their digital interactions with their customers. Some of its major clients include Coca-cola (KO Stock Report) and Twitter (TWTR Stock Report), just to name a few. Earlier last month, the company reported second-quarter results that exceeded Wall Street’s expectations. Total revenue was $400.8 million, up 46% year-over-year. It delivered net income of $9.5 million, or 71 cents per share. As long as Twilio stock remains in a long-term uptrend, investors may continue to buy it on dips.

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Top Tech Stocks To Buy [Or Sell] In September: Zoom Video Communications

Shares of Zoom Video Communications (ZM Stock Report) rose on Wednesday after investors reversed course and started buying shares of the video conferencing company. There’s no specific news that could drive a double-digit percentage gain. It appears to me that investors are getting back in after the panic sell-off in the last few trading sessions. The investment thesis still holds intact.

As more and more people are required to work from home, businesses are now heavily dependent on remote communication services to stay connected. As a result, Zoom is expected to benefit immensely from such an initiative.

Zoom saw second-quarter revenue grew 355% from a year ago to $663.5 million. This decisively beat the $500 million analysts estimates. The company is projecting a revenue range of $685 million to $690 million for the current quarter. This range is well above the $493 million average analyst estimate. Zoom shares have gained more than 450% year to date. Now that investors’ expectations are sky-high, can the coronavirus-fueled rally continue?

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Amos has a deep-rooted background in foreign exchange and commodities. His previous experience working within the cryptocurrency arena has given him the advantage to identify the fast-moving stock market and financial trends. Amos calls Hong Kong home and has been a financial content writer for the last 3 years.

He has managed teams of international media strategists and financial writers to cover all top stories in the stock market each day. His skills include his tireless drive to find the most valid information and actionable details that investors can use to formulate valid decisions on stocks to buy or stocks to avoid. Furthermore, Amos’ ability to cover trending stories across the globe brings a fresh perspective on key data and how it not only affects the North American markets but also how it could translate to the world markets alike.

Most of the time you can find him diving into corporate filings, focusing on fundamentals that could influence major market moves. One of his passions is researching technology and biotechnology stocks. Some of the most cutting-edge innovations have stemmed from these industries. While many don’t become industry blockbusters, the processes and applications of these innovations has led to some of the biggest developments known to man in the modern age. As a global correspondent, Amos has been able to see both sides of the story as it relates to world news and offers a true, personal approach, cutting through the noise of the mass media. He was integral in reporting on the Hong Kong uprising and doing first-hand research on international sentiment from the novel coronavirus.

In his free time, Amos is an avid fan of music and art and enjoys attending concerts.

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